7 Day Healthy Gut Challenge for those out of Sydney

It is a complete body reset and changes the way you feel and look at food.


All cleanses are personalised with your current health status and goals.

The 7 days consists of adding bone broth to your meals, organic herbs, natural supplements and above ground vegetables - basically an anti-inflammatory lifestyle - for just 1 week!

Most people who go on the challenge like it so much they continue taking the supplements and broths for an extra week or two! (There is enough to last for two weeks+)

What’s included for 1 week:
1 x Holistic Online Nutritional Consultation - 
Consulation forms to fill in (Received on checkout page)
1 x Pkt of MSM
1 x Bottle of Mighty Minerals
1 x Pkt of FSF

1 X Gypsy tonic
1 x Pkt of Organic Clay Of Choice
1 x Bottle of Lugols Iodine – to be used in the first or second week depending on requirements OR
1 x Bottle of Frankincense - to be used in the first or second week depending on requirements
1 x Herbal mix depending on your current health status

1 x Super strength herbal gut and detox tonic 


NOTE: Postage fee is not included in this price. A paypal payment request will be sent to your email once an address is given for delivery.

DISCLAIMER- This is not meant to treat or cure any disease, please see your health professional if you have a serious condition.

Distant Package - 7 Day Healthy Gut Challenge

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