7 Day Healthy Gut Challenge with a abdominal detox massage and nutrition consultation plus specliased supplements, herbs, food and tonic formulas for whole body healing.


All cleanses are personalised with your current health status and goals.


Of all the cleanse packages I offer this is definitely the best option for healing.

I have teamed up with my friend to combine some of his supplements with my favourite products and  sessions.

It is a complete body reset, great for inflammation and changes the way you feel and look at food.

The 7 days consists of eating bone broth, organic herbs, natural supplements and above ground vegetables - basically an anti-inflammatory lifestyle.

Most people who go on the challenge like it so much they continue taking the supplements and broths for an extra week or two. (There is enough to last for 2 weeks+)

What’s included for 1 week:
1 x Holistic Nutritional Consultation - In person or online available
Consulation forms to fill in (Received on final checkout page)

1 x Abdominal Detox Massage Session 
10 x Bone Broths including your choice of Chicken, Lamb, Beef or Fish.

(Vegetarian version also available)

- These are added to your personalised meal plans we decide on together after the first consultation.
1 x Bottle of Gypsy Tonic

1 x Pkt of MSM
1 x Bottle of Mighty Minerals
1 x Pkt of FSF
1 x Pkt of Organic Clay
1 x Bottle of Lugols Iodine – to be used in the first or second week depending on requirements OR
1 x Bottle of Frankincense - to be used in the first or second week depending on requirements
1 x Herbal tea depending on your current health status

1 x Super strength herbal detox formula 

Ingredients specified in the bone broths include:
Certified organic
Choose from Australian grown chicken, lamb or beef and game meat in season (all grass fed, free range, free from chemicals and hormones), fish is also available
Made with above ground vegetables (below ground contain carbohydrates and starches]
Herbs from famers in India such as rosemary (antioxidant and anti-inflammatory)
Black pepper (helps improve stomachs ability to digest)
Slippery elm (helps sooth inflammation in the digestive tract)
Tasmanian Bull Kelp – which is deemed a nutrient powerhouse also aiding digestion and boosting the immune system

What we don't include:
No added salt
Tap water
Below ground vegetables

Overseas Customers:
Please contact me if you are out Sydney district and can not come in for sessions.

Overseas options available :)

-By comparison, some commercial broths have up to 466mgs of sodium per serving, and at these levels it may affect your health.

DISCLAIMER- This is not meant to treat or cure any disease, please see your health professional if you have a serious condition.


Complete Cleanse Package - 7 day Healthy Gut Challenge

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